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  • Maimoona
    Hi, Happy birthday. hope have a nice day ahead
  • Sanchit Desai
    With Leicester City winning the hearts of everyone around the world by shocking every team in the EPL.
    Could Delhi Daredevils believe they can replicate Leicester type performance this IPL and win the tournament?
  • Sanchit Desai
    Get Kane Williamson in for Morgan or even Moises and also if possible make him as a captain, so that Warner feels less pressure.
    • Damien Martyn
    • Imran Haider
  • Sanchit Desai
    Such a bizarre decision to bat first where even after knowing majority of the teams have won chasing on this ground.
    Well, It proved to be a bad one.
    Pune really needs to find a good combination before it's too late, Sending Perera above Smith was a big blunder...
    Let's see what happens later on.
  • Sanchit Desai
    England and Nottinghamshire batsman James Taylor’s career has been sadly brought to an end by a serious heart condition.

    Taylor originally withdrew from last week’s fixture against Cambridge MCCU with what was believed to be a viral condition.

    However, specialist scans revealed yesterday that the 26-year-old has the very serious heart condition, ARVC (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Arrhythmia).

    Taylor played the first of his seven Tests against South Africa in 2012 and was part of the Engla...  more
    Taylor forced to retire | England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) - The Official Website of the ECB
    England and Nottinghamshire batsman James Taylor’s career has been sadly brought to an end by a serious heart condition.
  • Sanchit Desai
    What. A. Finish.
    Ben Stokes: I can only imagine how he must have been feeling!
    No one can stop the Windies!
    U19 WC
    Womens T20 WC
    T20 WC Mens
  • Sanchit Desai
    The hype is real on this one, Just imagine 30,000 Indian fans cheering for the men in blue...30,000 Indian fans passionately singing the National Anthem..The goosebumps we'll get in the stands will be incredible!
    It has always been a dream to watch A World Cup Final or a Semi Final in Mumbai live from the Stands, But to have India play in it..I must be really lucky!
    Bring it on
  • Sanchit Desai
    This day (23 March) in 2003...
    Billions of heart were broken, because of two majestic innings by two classy players..One includes you Marto!
    If Ricky would have won the toss, would he have opted to bowl first as well..? Just asking

    #WorldCupFinals2003 — with Damien Martyn
    • Nikhil Talgeri
    • Damien Martyn
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  • Sanchit Desai
    It's a crucial game.
    It's India v/s Pakistan
    We are 3 down at 20 odd runs...and then Kohli middles the ball like 90% of the time.
    How can someone play so well under pressure????
    This guy is seriously amazing. #INDvsPAK
    • Nikhil Talgeri
  • Sanchit Desai
    I have just witnessed a Gayle Storm LIVE at Wankhede!!!
    This is just brilliant stuff, What a match it was.
    I was surrounded by the English fans in Mumbai!
    It was quite a banter, to be honest Loved it.

    ‪#‎WT20‬ ‪#‎ENGvsWI‬
    • Sanchit Desai
    • Damien Martyn
  • Sanchit Desai
    I'll be watching my first ever "World Cup" game from the stands with my brother.
    It's going to be pretty amazing (the fixture), I'll be sort of neutral.
    ‪#‎ICCWT20‬ ‪#‎ENGvsWI‬
  • Sanchit Desai
    All the best to Ryan Campbell for today's game.
    He will be the oldest player to make debut in T20Is. At the age of FOUR-FOUR (44 years, 30 days to be precise).
    Congratulations! #ICCWt20