Do Cricketers ever Retired?

“Person will no longer serve in any capacity”, very first thought comes is our mind when we hear word Retirement. Does this rule apply on cricketers?.....Choice to be connected with cricket after retirement is totally player’s decision. But every player has to retire after certain time.


Cricket’s retirement can be seen in three ways: (i) Always in flash lights; (ii) Do not want any more Flash lights, (iii) Stars gone in dark.


What feelings players have when they are coming out from the ground last ever. Not more joy after taking wickets, no more flying bats in the air to say thanks to crowed on 100’s , 50’s. In fact, they have just good memories only when they leave, it is player’s strength to face this hard time. But how they will be treated by public and media after retirement? it is big question mark.


It is true that publicity graph goes down with retirement but not for all players. Like Sachin, Wasim, Ricky, Steve Waugh, Lara, Johnty, Imran, Dean jones, Sir Viv Richards. Sometimes, players remember for their unique innings. Javed’s Six in Sharjha always in people mind even though, lots of Sixes were hit like this but did not gain that much popularity.   


Do Cricketer’s ever Retired? I think no. they always keep them stick with cricket in different manners. Commentating is most popular profession after retirement, Rameez Raja and Danny Morrison; they both are the priority for any series in commentating.


With the introduction of T20 leagues, some players prefer to play in them after retirement. Sangakara, Watson, Hogg are the examples. In addition, they too get chance to trained young blood. Most of the senior players are associated with teams in different capacities.


In addition, some players change their profession completely after leaving cricket. For Example, Former English captain Adam Holick and former fast bowler flintoff opted boxing/ body building, quite opposite. Recently, Brett lee appeared in leading role in a Bollywood Movie…. Wasim Akram often walks on ramp for different designers.


But on the other hand, it is harsh reality too, that some players life was not good after retirement. When I read about some players, it was quite disappointing for me. Muhammad Arshad, a fine spinner is now in Australia and working as a driver in careem Service, Chris Cairns, he is also doing the same job and also faced some allegation regarding match fixing. Chris Harris became a distributor of orthopedic devices. These are some instances but there are lots of stars to whom I forgot completely.


This blog is incomplete if I do not mention Saeed Anwar. He had gone in dark on his own choice. The death of his only beloved daughter had broken him badly. Where he is and what he is doing, nobody knows exactly.

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