Nikhil Talgeri

Those who cannot graft, MUST HIT!

Survival is overrated in Test Cricket. As much as I agree that solid technique and the ability to graft an innings lay the foundation of a a long test career, what if you don't possess either of those qualities? Does it mean you cannot succeed in Test cricket? Not if you ask McCullum, Sehwag and Hayden I am sure !
I fail to understand why teams and players don't stick to the formula that has given them success in one format of the game, when thrown into another format. Michael Beavan and Ajay Jadeja are examples of what can happen when one "tweaks" one's natural game to follow the textbook. Both were one of the All Time Greats of ODIs, but failed miserably in the longer format. And that's probably because someone told them that "now that you play cricket in white clothing, don't hit over the top or don't pinch that daring single". I get the same sense nowadays when I see the West Indies team play Test cricket. They look shackled, confused and totally uncomfortable. Their brief spell of dominance on Day-1 of the 2nd Test against India was when the last 2-3 batsmen tried doing what they do so well in T-20 -  hit over the top, look for boundaries and 6s. So if that works for you 8 times out of 10, why change that to play a style where you're destined to fail 10/10 ?
Brendon McCullum's last 3 years were a joy to watch, no matter which format he played. And it's no surprise that in that time-frame, NZ was a very successful team across all formats. Maybe it's time for the Windies to throw that textbook out of the window and throw caution to the winds? Yeah Maan!
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