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My Issue with "Selective Retirement" [on the subcontinent]

One of my biggest issues in recent times, has been this concept of "selective retirement" of cricketers.. especially superstar cricketers from the subcontinent. I say subcontinent because we are an emotional lot. And hard decisions are not our forte. So, no World Cup winning captain will ever be sacked , ahead of the next World Cup, like Steve Waugh in 2002... No fast bowling great would ever be asked for a transition plan... you get the picture. Basically, on the subcontinent, a cricketing great decides to retire when he pleases and we justify it by saying " he has earned the right to retire on his own terms"...
Now to the topic at hand... when players of the caliber of Tendulkar, Dhoni retire in just one of the formats and play the other, it almost becomes compulsory for the national selectors to keep selecting these guys in the formats that they are available in. This is mainly as a "mark of respect", "gratitude for service to the nation" and all that good stuff. In doing so though, they are doing a great disservice to youngsters. As much as I love MSD, I see no point in him playing a dead rubber of a dead series against a dead (apologies to SL fans) opposition. This time could have been used to groom Rishabh Pant, Sanju Samson or any other keeper batsman. This trend started with Tendulkar (who, in my opinion, should have retired on that glorious night in Mumbai in 2011 when India lifted the world cup). But he dragged on for 2.5 seasons, delaying the cementing of some of the batsmen who were on the fringes.  I am a bit disappointed in MS Dhoni also falling to the same temptation. MSD has been a real middle class role model to the country. a balanced guy who has not let success get to his head. And someone who has never shown any regard to personal milestones.. how and why would he agree to play in a series as the one on offer and come in the way of a young Pant, baffles me...  I do think if a player has retired, he should give up all formats at once and make it less awkward for those around him. Just saying 
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